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  1 July 2009

Cancer Is Contagious
No form of human cancer has been found to be contagious. Therefore, healthy patients do not acquire cancer from another patient. However, being infected with certain viruses may increase the risk of some types of cancer.

Cancer Can Be Caused By Anxiety And Stress
Stress can alter the levels of hormones in the body and affect the immune system. An impaired immune system might increase the risk of cancer. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that stress does cause cancer.

Cell Phones, Hair Dyes, Antiperspirants And Deodorants Can Cause Cancer

There is currently no scientific evidence to support that these items increase the risk of developing cancer.

Surgery Causes Cancerous Tumours To Spread
Surgery is an effective method of cancer treatment. A cancer can be found to be more widespread than previously thought, however the surgery itself does not cause the spread of the tumour

All Breast Lumps Are Cancerous
In general, 80% of lumps are caused by non-cancerous changes in the breast. This percentage varies according to age.

Microwave Ovens Cause Cancer
The risk of developing cancer is increased by damage to human DNA (genes) in body cells. However, the low frequency and type of radiation of microwave ovens does not carry enough energy to damage DNA.


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