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  22 April 2014

My name is Boon Oon  Seang. I am 75 years old, a Malaysian residing in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and a person who very seldom saw a doctor until 2008. It was not a good year for me, health wise, and I had to go from hospital to hospital.  In September 2008 I underwent open heart surgery in Institute Jantung Negara, and about three months later I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I then had a liver resection done at Selayang Hospital. I was told that about 2/3rds of my liver was removed. About 3 months later I had the Turp done at the then Subang Medical Centre.

After that I went back to normal life, playing golf and enjoying my food until sometime in September 2010 when I coughed out blood one morning. A check revealed that the cancer had spread and that was when I was informed by Selayang Hospital about Cyber Knife treatment  which was only available then, at Wijaya International Medical Centre Sdn Bhd , now  known as Beacon International Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd. It was here that I met YB Dato Dr Mohamed Ibrahim A Wahid and his team. A CT scan showed that I had a fairly large tumour abuting the main pulmonary arterial trunk and five small nodules in my left upper lung. Dato Dr Ibrahim explained, why  Cyber Knife, which is targeted  radiation could not be used in my case then, as the tumour was too near the blood vessel and any slight error, could burst the blood vessel and one could bleed to death.  He then suggested that I undergo chemotherapy which I did. The first was oral chemo which had positive results. My tumour marker( AFP)went down from about 4000 to 2000 and kept going down. However the side effects were terrible. Apart from hair loss( not that I had lots of hair!!) the palms of my hands and soles of my feet started peeling and became very sensitive. My mouth was also very sensitive and swallowing food was very difficult. There was no quality of life. The Dato then stopped the oral chemo and I underwent the normal chemo which the Dato prescribed.  During the treatment my platelet count dropped drastically and I would have to stop the treatment. However my AFP dropped to about 600 and the CT scan showed that the main tumour reduced in size a bit and the five nodules disappeared.

I was then told that I could do the CyberKnife. I did the cyberknife in April  2011. I had a gold seed implanted in the centre of the tumour and had a special customized vest  made.  I had to wear it every time I went for the treatment. I underwent five consecutive sessions of the treatment from Monday to Friday, and each treatment was about an hour and twenty minutes. One had to be very still during the treatment. Any movement, during the treatment and the robot would stop. You have to be conscious all the time. Even a snore will stop the robot. During the treatment I did not have any side effects. A CT scan after the treatment showed the tumour had shrunk and the blood test showed that my AFP was 7. It is now 1-2. I am told that I am in remission.

I would like to thank Dato Dr Ibrahim and his team, the specialist, dietician and the nursing staff for their work and moral support when I was under their care. TERIMA KASIH.



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