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  1 July 2009

Stereotactic Radiosurgery is the use of computer assisted and image guided radiation treatment that accurately targets tumour, vascular malformation and other disease condition to less that 1mm accuracy.

CyberKnife is a frameless, robotic image guidance stereotactic system designed to overcome the limitations of other existing stereotactic system e.g. Linac based system or Gamma Knife

It is also able to reach areas of the body previously thought untreatable or inoperable by conventional radiotherapy.

In a Cyberknife treatment, beams of high energy radiation are delivered from outside the body, which targets the tumour precisely with minimal or no complication side effects.

CyberKnife® was approved by the US FDA in 2001. It is a frameless precise robotic system based on radiation therapy technology proven for over 30 years. Thousands of patients have received CyberKnife® treatments through out the world and many clinical evidences with CyberKnife® have been published in medical journals.

Treatment on Tumor Types

FDA cleared CyberKnife® treatment for tumours and lesions anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated which include

- Malignant Tumours

  • Brain tumour
  • Recurrent NPC
  • Skull base tumour
  • Metastases (Brain & Bony)

- Benign Tumours of the Brain

  • Meningiomas Acoustic Neuromas
  • Ptituary Adenomas Craniopharngiomas
  • Other benign tumours

- Vascular: Arterio-venous malformations

- Functional Pathologies: Trigeminal neuralgia

- Extracranial Tumours & Lesions

  • Base of skull Spine
  • Pancreatic Liver
  • Lungs Prostate

- Other lesions, tumours & conditions anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated


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